Cannot force update check?

  • I just got to testing the Friday 25 September build on Hyper-V and hooking it up to the internet, etc.
    It showed me a update was available, so I went ahead to use the Auto Updater to download and install it.
    Got a message that the file was not digitally signed, and needed to adjust the setting for it.

    Fine, did that. But now pFsense keeps telling me I'm on the latest version.
    Built still shows Fri 26 Sept, so I know it's not.

    How can I force a update check? Because when I switch to the index page it shows a "checking for update" message, but then the "You're on the latest version".

    Btw: Using Hyper-V Server 2012 R2. Hyper-V Intergration seems to work alright.
    Can Shutdown from Hyper-V Manager, and my 3.4GHz i7-4770 CPU uses 7/8% CPU utilization when doing a speedtest of my internet connection.
    Nicely handles the 180Mbit download and 18 Mbit upload speeds.

  • Grmbl. Nevermind this post.
    Just found out that choosing a update location under Updater Settings holds the Stable release 2.1.x URL.
    Changed it with the Beta update URL and now it works.

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