• Hi Pfsense friends, i have a question, and is about how to allow a single host to pass through a rule, in this case the facebook block rule, i need to allow acces to the social networks administrator of an a university. I would appreciate your help.

  • That depends on how it's being blocked.  Give us more detail.

  • Yes, you're right. I made an alias with the facebook's ip pool, then i made a rule with action block where in destination i choosed that alias, and it was applied to all the lan interface. So, from all that interface, i need to allow the acces to just one host.

  • Add a rule that allows that one host to have access and place the rule just above the block rule.

  • Much like KOM stated, FW rules are read top down, so add a pass rule for that specific host and insert it above your block rule.

  • Done!…..  :D :D :D :D...... Thanks so much Pfsense friends!

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