Media Streaming Bypasses Limiter

  • Anyone else had issues with media streaming on every platform (ie. Windows 7 IE, iOS apps, Chromecast) bypassing limiter? I currently have a successful 'QoS' limiter in place with four limiter rules (In/Out guaranteed bandwidth + In/Out regular bandwidth) with all assigned to the appropriate interfaces. If I attempt a speed test or download test, the limiter works fine and my guaranteed int works flawlessly. However, as soon as a media stream (ie. YouTube, Netflix, etc.) my guarantee int goes to heck and my regular bandwidth peaks out at true max download. Here are my specs.

    True Upload: 700 Kb
    True Download: 7168 Kb

    Guaranteed Int Upload: 258 Kb
    Guaranteed Int Download: 258 Kb

    Regular Int Upload: 258 Kb
    Regular Int Download: 4713 Kb

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