Multi LAN + Multiple Public IP addresses

  • See my image here of my network layout to see what I am trying to accomplish:

    1.) I have set up the Virtual IP under Firewall - Virtual IP addresses for :
    2.) I set up the outbound NAT to be in Manual Mode and saving the auto-created rules.
    3.) I changed the OPT1 NAT OUTBOUND 192.168.0/24 outbound (Interface) to the Virtual IP (
    4.) I have all anything from anywhere to anywhere under the OPT1 Rule on the firewall.

    My only problem is that I cannot access the internet from the machine.

    Any ideas?

    I greatly appreciate your help in advance, I've been beating my head on this for hours, and I'm sure I"ll feel like an idiot after getting some insight.

    -Zachary Kitchen

  • I'm still working on this with no luck, I disabled traffic shaping, opened the firewall by allow all traffic inbound and outbound. I'm still open to suggestions.

  • I am abandoning this question and forum, since I've gotten no feedback on how to resolve this. I decided to decommission the PFsense firewall and use an alternative product.

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