Please Help set up proxy

  • We are in a school (so local filtering at concil level)

    we went to be able to use our adsl line via proxy. (everything is proxyied anyway)

    Ive set up a box with pfsense on it

    ive set up the WAN and Lan connections

    ive installed SQUD and config it.

    I changed my proxy settings in internet explorer (to its ip address) and port to 80

    I was getting DNS Bindind errors (now turned that off.)

    Now when i go to it asks me to log in to the box and brings up pfsense status,

    Please help :(

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Squid is probably running on port 3128, not 80. The GUI is probably on 80.

    Check/change squid to be on port 3128, and configure your browser's proxy settings to use port 3128 and not 80 for the proxy.

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