Remote WiFi access points, VPN and captive portal

  • Hi all.

    I have a free town WiFi network that I have built up over the last few years. There are currently 30 hotspots and each hotspot has it's own user database and captive portal which is a pain to manage.

    I would like to consolidate the network so that there is a single user database and a central captive portal. I have a server in a data centre that I can use for this.

    Here is how I see it working…

    User --(WiFi)-- Access point --(VPN)-- Server with captive portal -- Internet

    So a user connects to the open WiFi hotspot which tunnels their connection to the server where they login and are allowed access to the internet. All traffic is routed through the server for proxying, monitoring and throttling.

    I would also like to be able to serve a custom portal page to each different access point if possible.

    Can this be accomplished with PFSense?

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