Pfsense proxy does not resolve DNS

  • Hey everyone,

    This issue has been over my head for a month now, and I would really love some help.

    I'm currently behind a proxy network and my LAN interfaces cannot resolve the dns. I have squid proxy server configured in pfsense. If I manually configure the proxy settings in the LAN Connections from my web explorer, I am able to browse the internet but if I disable that option and configure the pfsense proxy server with the same proxy settings, the browser does not resolve the DNS.

    Could anyone please shed some light on this issue?


  • Please don't double post.
    I'm having trouble understanding what you are doing. If pfsense is behind a proxy server, go to system, advanced, misc and fill in the proxy settings. If squid is your proxy server, your client machines will have to point to the proxy server (squid) on pfsense to get out.

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