OpenVPN + Proxy Server - Can it Be Done?

  • I have a Dual Wan setup in my pfsense and it's working great!

    For some odd reason I need to be able to access the internet both through my original IP and through my VPN Service that I bought from PrivateTunnel on one PC. So I need to make the VPN run through proxy.

    I was told by a PrivateTunnel support guy that what I need is a Linux PC and setup OpenVPN + Web / Socks Proxy in order to be able to access the VPN IP address as proxy in any application I need.

    So since I already have pfsense router can I do the same thing through the pfsense router without installing a linux machine? Setup an OpenVPN account from PrivateTunnel and then use that as a Proxy Server?

    I hope it makes sense what I'm asking. If not please correct me. :)

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