(Solved) IPSEC Host to Host

  • Hello,

    i have difficulties getting my head around this.

    Current Status:
    Local LAN:
    PFsense LAN:
    Pfsense Virtual IP on LAN Interface:
    Remote Server to be reached:

    Goal: establish ipsec tunnel host to host and make it possible that multiple users can connect to remote sharepoint server (

    reason for host to host and not complete subnet: the opposing site has to many clients as they open an entire subnet. So they only provide the neccesary ip.

    what has been done so far: ip sec tunnel is established.

    Problem to solve (main question): i dont know how (maybe it is not even possible) to get my clients get connect to using the established host to host vpn connection. If i add a route that says: "if you wanna go to, then use!" it does not work.

    Additional info: on the opposing site every port is blocked except 65515.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    kind regards,

  • i have found the solution. The hint in this topic was a great help regarding the NAT. After doing as he advised, it worked straight away


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