• Hello,

    I spend hours trying to make ntop work (fail!) but found ntopng!  Awesome.

    I would like to enable logging data to disk, but the option requires sqlite.
    I see I could modifiy /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ntopng.sh to add the '-F'

    –dump-flows | -F
    Dump expired flows. If ntopng is compiled with sqlite support, flows
    can dumped persistently on disk using this option. Databases are
    created daily under <data directory="">/<interface>db.

    Question:  Has the ntopng addon for pfsense been compiled with sqlite support?  Or any suggestions how this dump to disk feature could be enabled
    (This is test lab environment)


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Yes, it has.

    The FreeBSD port lists sqlite in the ntopng port's Makefile, and it's not a selectable option so it's always on, so it should have that support included.

  • to be able to save data to disk you should first specify the directory with write permission but before that we should have a user to run the service because by default the service runs with user "nobody".

    there are a lot of options that are not available on the web GUI need to be added and configured.

  • Were you ever able to sort out getting ntopng to keep historical data? If so, would you mind sharing your method and it's result?


  • On 2.2 its seems I see the option tic box for historical data…. and...  its seems to work!  Awesome
    Thank you so much for including this option on the GUI

  • in what directory does ntopng store the information? I tried looking in /usr/pbi/ntopng-i386 but nothing :(