WAN weirdness

  • Hello, I am setting up pfSense for the first time on a ALIX.2C0 with XR9 900MHz cards. I have everything working except the WAN(vr0) interface. It receives it's address (IP: mask:, bcast: nameserver: GW: just fine through DHCP, but I cannot get any traffic through it. If I try to ping the local gateway ( from pfSence I get "ping: sendto: Host is down", and if I try to ping pfSense from another PC I get "10 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 9000ms" If I plug another PC into the cable I can access it just fine. It's not a cable or gateway issue. My GW shows the pfSence box lease properly. I also have firewall rules allowing absolutely everything. I can ping the other pfSence box through wireless just fine. What's wrong?

  • Did you uncheck the "block private networks" checkbox on WAN?

  • Yes, both "block private networks" and "block bogon networks" are unchecked. I have even disabled the firewall and still had the same issues.

  • I also just tried another board to make sure I have not damaged this one and still get the same problem, so it's gotta be software…

  • Here is a little more info in case it helps. Screenshots are hard for me to do over dialup…

    *** Welcome to pfSense 1.2-RC4-embedded on pfsense-master ***
      WAN*                     ->\0x09vr0\0x09->\0x09192.168.1.147(DHCP)
      LAN*                     ->\0x09vr1\0x09->\0x09192.168.1.4
      OPT1(Wireless)           ->\0x09ath0\0x09->\0x09192.168.100.1

  • After posting the last reply, I saw what was wrong, LAN is now on and it all works. So much for late nights! Thanks, ~Lawrence

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