Sending traffic through the VPN for specific subnets

  • We have a customer using netgate routers to connect to our system in Azure.

    The network layout is as follows.
    Reno -> site to site -> San Jose -> site to site -> Azure

    The site to site vpn between San Jose and Azure work fine
    The site to site between Reno and San Jose work fine

    Getting traffic from Reno to Azure, and Azure to Reno is not working.

    I attempted to setup a Gateway with the same IP as the LAN device on the Reno router, then making a static route to send traffic out that gateway to the azure subnet.
    This just created a loop it seemed inside the system.

    Can someone point me to some documentation or give me some steps on how to make sure traffic from azure to reno gets sent properly.
    Also traffic from Reno to Azure.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If this is IPsec, it's easily fixed by adding the right Phase 2 definitions on each leg to cover the path from Reno to Azure and vice versa.

    If it's OpenVPN, then some extra routing would be needed to make sure everyone has a path over the right VPNs to get to the right places.

    If you can provide some more detail about the setup we can offer better advice.

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