Load Balance (OK) but VOIP problem

  • First of all, thanks in advance for the time you're spending to read this my first post.

    I'm PFSense/M0n0wall user since 5 years, happily !

    Today I have setup my first DUAL WAN (Load Balance as follow):

    LAN : em0
    WAN1 : PPPoE (fixed ip) 81.xx.xx.11 subnet
    WAN2 : Static IP subnet gw (get internet connection from modem without DHCP without PPPoE)

    (1) Setup WAN 1
    (2) Setup WAN 2 (OPT1)
    (3) Both up running
    (4) Setup GW Group as LOAD BALANCE (group the 2 GW both in tier 1)

    FIREWALL Rules adjusted LAN to use GW_GROUP.
    Outgoing traffic simply PERFECT !

    Now comes the problem….

    Behind PFSENSE  I have an ASTERISK box ( listening to port UDP 5060 (SIP) e UDP 10000~12000 (RCP).

    I have to NAT ports 5060 & 10000-12000 in UDP to but limiting the access only to special network 100.xx.xx.0/22, that is the network of my VOIP supplier  (to prevent somebody steal my VOIP credit....)

    I have add FIREWALL NAT for both WAN 1 and WAN 2 indicating SOURCE as 100...0/22
    In FIREWALL Rules I have changed the GW from DEFAULT to GW_GROUP that is the load balance.

    Asterisk perfectly REGISTER with VOIP and I can call out.
    But I can't receive any call ! The caller hear fast busy signal (as no connection).

    No point I say that, if I switch off the PFSENSE, switch on M0n0, everything is working perfectly.
    I checked the configuration between M0n0 and PFSense in FIREWALL NAT/RULES and they look the same, apart the gateway that in PFSENSE is setup as GW_Group (Load Balance).

    If I use the default GW (not the GW_group), I mean I leave both rules in FIREWALL using the GW of their WAN, everything is working well.

    Where did I mistake ?

    Thanks again


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