• good day to all experts, i'm new here..my version of pfsense is
    2.1.5-RELEASE (i386)
    since pfsense won't recommend using lusca and the version 2.1.5 is not comaptible with lusca.i installed squid3, i follow this guide on youtube:
    PfSense Packages - SquidGuard install with Squid 3 Dynamic Content Cache
    i got a problem..i don't know how to save cache on youtube and the patch of the online games is not saving in squid3..(i got 4 desktop) i wan't to patch the online games in pc1 1st so that pc2-4 will patch very fast because of squid3..is that possible? and also, if i play video on youtube it is possible to be save in my pfsense server? please help me.. thank you..