Clients fail some authentication measures on some web sites.

  • I am having a login issue with one particular web service I use.  It logs me out immediately and gives me an error message that my IP has changed.  I set my pfSense up with two cable modem connections and followed one of the guides for load balancing.  I love the setup, it is ridiculously fast.  However I need to find a workaround with the two IP addresses.  Is there a way to tell pfSense to router all traffic to certain web addresses through one modem only?  Please let me know how I would go about this.  This is just a home setup and I am in no way any network engineer.  So please explain the details that may be common sense.

    Tony Stone

  • I may be wrong but in your LAN rules I think you can do this.

    If source address is the LAN network AND destination is ( website ) use gateway A , else gateway B.

    You obviously won't have the speed increase doing it this way.

    I was having difficulty uploading photos here. Probably something I am doing wrong.

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