Lighttpd running perl cgi coredump

  • I'm trying to run a perl CGI under lighttpd and it core dumps. It worked fine under 2.1.x. The only change I've made to the lighttpd setup is to add "index.cgi" in server.indexfiles in the  /etc/inc/ file. The index.cgi file specifices the cgi perl script.

    So… for example... I do http://mypfsenseserver/directory where the index.cgi exists.... when I do so, I get a "503" and a lighttpd core dump file in the directory. Like I said, worked fine under 2.1.x

    Anyone have any idea why? or how I can debug it?

  • Just to add a little more info… This thread describes what I was doing on the 2.1.x releases that worked fine.

    Like I said… when try the same thing under 2.2 and navigate (via the browser) to the perl CGI page, I get a core dump. Could it be a problem with the lightsquid package?

  • Just a quick update - pretty sure that this is not running because Perl is not working…

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