Noip FQDN >> PfSense >> Authorative DNS

  • Hello I thought I better ask a couple questions reguarding authoritative DNS servers behind a PfSense router and how best to manage my FQDN and sub domains if any.

    The Setup:

    My questions:

    1 - If I have my own dns name server with authority over my fqdn how could it respond to requests threw the campus modem/router and then threw the PfSense router ?

    2 - Is there a way to let noip handle the domain and its subs like a reverse proxy that will not play havoc with SSL ?

    3 - What ip would be used for my instead of the default noip one?  campus's external ip ?

    It be a a lot different if I was just going they a modem I owned threw the PfSense router and then DNS… This is a little deeper than I am used to dealing with and thought I should ask around for a answers or pitfalls that I know I might will run into.  But I would like to manage my own fqdn and its subs or any other domain names that might have to be pointed to my server/servers.

    Thank you


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