Multiple DNS servers handed out by DHCP

  • Hello,

    I have a client using pfSense for a multiple sites, and pfSense is handling the DHCP services for each of these sites. We would like to have DHCP hand out 4 DNS servers, however the GUI only appears to allow two DNS servers to be handed out.

    Can more than two DNS servers be handed out using CLI or some other method?


  • There is no underlying reason - DHCP can hand out an unspecified length list of DNS Server addresses.
    System->General Setup supports 4, and will hand those out with DHCP if the forwarder is not enabled in pfSense.
    You could conceivably use the "Additional BOOTP/DHCP Options" field to specify the details, but that would be really difficult to get the right 4-octet binary values in a list there, and in any case the wway the pfSense code is built it is also going to give out something itself that will mess up what you tried to specify.
    The easiest would be to expand the GUI to accept 4 DNS servers, matching the number supported in System->General Setup - I wonder why that was never done in the first place?