Load balancing with http traffic on spacific wan

  • Hi ,

    I have configured Pfsense with two WAN [ WAN1 and WAN2 ]
    Both the interface are UP and pinging to internet,

    In my setup WAN1 is default ,
    I am trying to configure in such a way that all http and https traffic will use WAN2 and everything other on WAN1

    I have created one "gateway-group" called browsing, In the firewall rules i have mentioned 80 and 443 should use
    gateway as "browsing" but it is not working ,

    Please let me know how to configure that.


  • I am trying to do something similar.  I would like to have all traffic to a certain web address use only WAN2 and not WAN1.  Example: All facebook.com traffic on WAN2 and everything else on WAN1.

  • Firewall:Rules:LAN

    Proto    Source    Port    Destination    Port            Gateway 
    PASS  *      *        *        *      LAN Address    443 22 80      *        Anti-Lockout Rule
    PASS  IPv4  TCP      *        *      *              443            WAN2
    PASS  IPv4  TCP      *        *      *              80              WAN2
    PASS  IPv4  *        *        *      *              *              WAN1
    DENY  IPv4  *        *        *      *              *              *