Mobile IPSec is working now

  • Just want to update the the mobile IPSec is working now.
    I have started to get the 02/Oct snapshot and install pfSense, basic function that we use daily like firewall, NAT is OK but mobile IPSec (the authentication is failed due to "no XAuth secret found", based on my tracing it seems that the ipsec authentication PHP code has some problems) but with new snapshot - 03/Oct 10:14:50 CDT 2014 (latest snapshot) the issue seems to be fixed.

    P/S: tested client: iOS 8.0.2, my setup look like this:

    Main Router <–-> Internet
    VLAN <---> pfSense (ESXi)
            <---> Wifi router <........> mobile client

    The NAT-T works fine.

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