VLAN + DHCP + OpenWrt

  • Hi all,

    I want to separate wireless visitors from my network so decided to use vlans on pfsense and openwrt.
    My openwrt device directly connected with 1 lan cable to pfsense and i designed the system below;

    • pfsense
      – lan interface on re1
      -- vlan interface 10 on re1
      -- vlan interface 20 on re1
      -- dhcp enabled on all interfaces.
      -- firewall rules added for pass all.
      -- pfsense restarted after configuration

    • OpenWrt
      -- ssid 1 vlan 10 member
      -- ssid 2 vlan 20 member
      -- ssid 3 without vlan
      -- dhcp disabled on the device
      -- firewall disabled on the device
      -- OpenWrt restarted after configuration

    I can connect with ssid 3 without a problem.
    But when i try to connect with ssid 1 or 2, dhcp can not assign me an ip.
    When i connect via ssid 3 i can ping vlan 10 and 20 interfaces. Also i can ping vlan 10 and 20 interface from openwrt console.

    How can i solve the dhcp problem on this design ?

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    – vlan interface 10 on re1
    -- vlan interface 20 on re1

    Did you mean:

    – vlan interface 10 on re1_vlan10
    – vlan interface 20 on re1_vlan20

    If your ssid 1 and ssid 2 interfaces are assigned to re1_vlan10 and re1_vlan20 in respectively in Interfaces->Assign, then your problem is likely in openwrt and its configuration of tagged VLANs.

    As an aside, why such small subnets?  RFC1918 addresses are free.

    Also, you can always assign a static IP address and see if you can ping the pfSense interface to determine if you have a DHCP problem or a layer 2 problem.  My hunch is the latter.

  • Thank you for your fast response and reply.

    I know there is a strange ip addressing in the definition. I will solve and fix range problems.
    So for ex. vlan 10 will start with .65
    I am using small subnets because the potential userbase is very small and i will be creating vpn's with other systems via this system.

    Wireless is on openwrt so i can only define vlans on pfsense side.
    Btw. vlan and untagged interfaces is on the same interface re1.

    I can not even see a related records about vlans in system logs.
    Should i modify any other thing on pfsense side ?


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    Please post a screenshot of Interfaces->(assign)->Interface Assignments

    Since this is a pfSense forum we should make sure pfSense is good to go first.

  • Allright changed the ip ranges.
    Attached 2 images related with the interfaces.

    Thats right lets solve the pfsense side. Thanks.


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    Looks fine.  Probably a problem with openwrt.

  • @Derelict:

    Looks fine.  Probably a problem with openwrt.

    I will work on openwrt then recheck my pfsense.

  • It seems it's a openwrt configuration problem.  ;)
    Solved the issue.

  • May or may not be an issue to you, just keep in mind that the untagged interface can spy on your tagged ones.

  • @simplei:

    It seems it's a openwrt configuration problem.  ;)
    Solved the issue.

    Hi, can you share your OpenWRT configuration?. I have a similar setup and I'm stucked with the problem that my clients do not get addresses through DHCP. :-(

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