Initial setup questions

  • I'm setting up my firewall, and I have some questions.
    I have a /29, with my wan on the first available address.
    I have a /25 dhcp on the lan.  with the second half of the /25 being reserved for the wireless modem…. Not set up yet, don't forsee any problems tho

    I tried to set up a forward for the first host ip via the routing menu.  it's not seeing any traffic.  What's the best way to get this working.  I've been trying to avoid a assigned nat forward.  I will if I have to.  Why waste horsepower if not needed though

    any other hints on setting this up?  I have a comcast modem on the front end, and a smartish switch on the back end.

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  • Netgate Administrator

    Are these all public IPs?


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