Pfsense on old eMachine build

  • Hey All,

    I just received an old eMachine W3118. I want to build a pfsense router out of it for home use. My question comes down to the NIC. Here is the flow I am wanting to set up.

    Cable Modem > Pfsense Router > switch > wireless router.

    I need 2 ports on the pfsense box (modem to pfsense and pfsense to switch)

    I looked inside the pfsense box and there are 2 pci slots, 1 pci-e x1 slot, & 1 pci-e x16 slot.  I think buying 2 network cards, 1 for the x1 slot and one for the x16 slot would seem like the best and cheapest route. I dont want to use the on board nic because it's only 10/100 speed. I would like to have it support gigabit for future use.  Does anyone have any suggestions on the type of cards I should buy or maybe a different way to set up the pfsense box?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Newegg:    Home > Computer Hardware > Networking > Wired Networking > Network Interface Cards

    Checkboxes: Intel, 10/100/1000, PCI-Express

    Sort lowest price first.  Those $30 EXPI9301CT are based on the 82574 and should give you no trouble.

    I have also been pretty happy with used dell gear from Stallard.  You can usually get pretty good used server-class adapters, usually broadcom or intel, for a good price.

    And, as always, check the HCL at: (For 2.1.5)

  • Thanks for the info Derelict.