Bizarre problem with pfsense need troubleshooting! PPPoE over vlan

  • Hi,

    pfsense 2.0.5

    Having some WAN PPPoE over VLAN on an em0 interface, all PPPoE works ok but one! All PPPoE over VLAN interfaces are configured the same way, but only one doesn't work (the one on VLAN106).

    In the process of troubleshooting the problem tryed running this command in SSH:

    [tt]tcpdump -i em0_vlan106

    To my surprise it instantly catched all the PPPoE negotiation and after that the normal traffic supposed to go trough that interface. The interface went up in pfsense and traffic flows! The moment I press CTRL+C (to end tcpdump) the interface goes dark again.

    Pfsense PPP system log show nothing (connecting for 234 time… PPPoE timeout and again)

    Any one can hint on how to further troubleshoot this?? I'm out of ideas, running permanently tcpdump solves the problem but is a very awful hack, and anyway I want to know how is this happening!

  • Something not right with that NIC, probably a mis-programmed EEPROM. Easiest work around would be to keep the interface in promiscuous mode (which is why it works with tcpdump running), alternatively if you use a diff NIC it's not likely to be an issue. A <shellcmd>to run "ifconfig em0 promisc" would work around (search for info).</shellcmd>