• Hi,

    May I know how to clear the log files of squid and squidguard? I am afraid it will get too big and takes up system space. Does pfSense automatically maintain squid and squidguard's log files for e.g. the last 30 days only?

    Thanks.  ;D

  • What I am trying to ask is, is there a maximum file size for the squid and squidguard logs and where do we set it? If the maximum log file size is reached, does it archive the old one and create a new log file? If the disk space is almost full, will it be alert me or automatically delete the old archives?

    Thanks  :D

  • Squidguard rotates logs daily when enabled.
    Squidguard itself maintains 3 log files.


    There is no setting in the GUI for days of number of kb in size.
    Maybe "dvserg" can add this option into Squidguard gui/package.