• We've seen more traffic pass over our WAN3 interface than usual.  WAN3 is an Internet browsing only interface.  I do a packet capture on the Interface and see several entries like the one below.  Many seem to be from akamaitechnologies.com.  I understand the many use Akamai to move files but I have my suspicions.

    Can someone tell me exactly what this entry reads:

    11:59:25.404911 IP > tcp 1452

    The 108.x.x.x address is our WAN3 interface.  But, I've seen several entries where the from or to was en external IP.  Also, I've seen 1452 references to this:  GTE Government Systems LM.  What exactly is this?

  • A client on your network is pulling something from via HTTP. That's an Akamai IP, which is a CDN used by a bunch of companies to host their downloads. Best that shows is someone is downloading something. Filter states for the external IP to find the internal host.