CCTV DVR built in DDNS sending private IP instead of Public IP

  • Hi everyone! I have searched and searched but I couldn't find anything about this particular issue I am having. If this is dup post, I do apologize. I may have been searching it wrong. I just started playing around with pfsense 2.1.5 amd64 and so far its great and packed full of features. I will provide you as much information I think would be important to my issue. If you need more, let me know.

    My setup in a nutshell:

    CCTV DVR is Eastern CCTV Branded and manufactured (they also provide free ddns service thru
    5 users access this system on smartphones and desktops from inside and outside the private network.
    HTTP 81 and SERVER 82, both used by the dvr with pfsense assigning a static dhcp IP (all of my network devices are assigned IPs this way). Both ports must have access by the clients or it will not connect.
    Previous setup used a Asus RT-N65U wireless router; port forwarding
    Current setup is pfSense 2.1.5 amd64 on an old amd x64 pc with a Rosewill RNG-407 dual lan realtek chipset nic (seems to be working well, no major issues).

    How we use it:

    Prior to pfsense using Asus router, we were able to access the dvr inside or outside the lan using the same ddns address (Smartphones running app, desktops use web browser and private ip to access).
    Post pfsense, smartphones cannot access the dvr inside the lan using the ddns address. This requires adding the private ip to the list of hosts in the phone app. is this more secure? Any better ideas?
    I was able to get outside access to work on the smartphones using the ddns address with port forwarding in pfsense.

    And my problem:

    All was good up to this point. I started messing around with snort to help strengthen the network. I was reading some stuff on here about it, watching some youtube videos and stuff on snort's site. After I followed some documentation on this site,, I felt pretty good about setting it up. After a while i was not able to access my camera system from my phone. after a little bit of poking around, i checked the ddns website and it showed the DVRs private ip address instead of the public ip.

    I do know my way around a network, but I'm no pro and I have a lot to learn with pfSense. Mostly everything that I've learned is through trial and error. I humbly ask for any information you guys (and gals) can provide.

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