Is there any single socket multi wan software like speedify for pfsense?

  • I am looking to see if there is any software that can provide single socket bonded connections for multiple slower links. My fastest individual connection is usually only a few mbit/s in reality. Traditional load balancing does not help with things like HD video streaming. There is a product called speedify ( but this only runs on Windows. Any ideas?

  • There's a reason they charge a monthly fee - it's a service, not just software. They're tunneling your traffic all back to some datacenter of theirs somewhere and sending it to the Internet from there. For anything latency-sensitive, that'll perform worse than not using it as you're lengthening the path.

    We don't have anything equivalent as a service at this time. If you have your own datacenter somewhere, there are options to tunnel your traffic similarly to that.

  • Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I guess latency would be increased … but at least I would be able to stream HD Netflix :).  Oh well, would be nice if someone eventually created a package for speedify (or any other similar service) on pfsense, even for monthly fee.

  • It's something that's on our radar, as yeah your Netflix HD scenario could be overcome by that. Combining a service like that with easy-to-use controls over what you send across could be interesting. Nothing on the immediate road map for that, but stay tuned.

  • So it has been about a year now on this. Has there been any progress on something of the like?

    Quick edit:  I would like to setup something similar between my house and my parents. Parents run dual dsl @ 6/0.5 (Thanks AT&T!)  where as I am in a more modernized part of civilization and have a modest 300/25. It would be nice to be able to tunnel their traffic through my house by creating some sort of VPN bond to my place.