Multiple Vlan's on ISP WAN interface

  • Good Evening All

    I am semi proficient at pfSense, but this the first time I have to a setup like this. I am replacing our old fw with a new pfSense one.

    One of the obstacles in my way is that our ISP have multiple Vlan's coming into our network. As shown below.

    I also see on the old fw static routes that say "push back APN1 to ISP" with a IP of 192.168.255.x, with APN2 similiar, but with IP 192.168.255.x and so forth.

    My question is, how do I route those traffic coming from, for instance APN1, to go to the DMZ interface, with outbound traffic from the DMZ destined for that same APN1 back to it?

    I've created the Vlan's on the WAN interface (ETH0) already, and named them the same as the old fw. But where to from here?

    Do I assign a static IP to each Vlan the same as my ISP is forwarding? Do I create gateways, and if I do, how do I set that up?

    What rules should I set up? If I can get one WAN Vlan working, I will be able to figure the rest out I am sure.

    Kindest Regards to my fellow pfsensors….!!!

    Gelbert Horn

  • Anyone?


    No one can help me with this?

    Is it impossible on pfSense?

  • I don't think this is impossible but seems to me that you have two vlan10 on your WAN Link? Also on this APN Network are you getting DHCP from the ISP or do you have a static IP? Do you need traffic from this APN network? If you don't then I wouldn't create the VLAN Interface on my WAN that way your router wouldn't have to do the extra processing to route the traffic. Check to see if this breaks anything. If not then you are good.

  • Hi. I had the same problem and i think i can help.

    You must have a network card to connect the ethernet cable from your ISP (obviously :P).
    Then, you must configure a new interface in pfsense, name it WAN or WAN2 and associate it to your new installed card. There's no need to configure any parameters on this interface.
    Then, create a vlan with the tag id that your isp provides. Enter the parameters of your ISP and it must work…

    Let me know if it worked.