Exchange - send connector nightmare!

  • hi all,

    i have made port forward's for the following on my pfsense firewall -

    submission/587 - redirected to my email server

    smtp/25 - redirected to my email server

    https/443 - redirected to my email server

    having done that i have changed my "send connector" to use port 587 using this command -

    Set-SendConnector "Your SMTP Send Connector" -Port 587

    the reason being is from the internet if i run a telnet command i cant connect to my mail server using 25 but i can when i change it to 587, it says 220 my mail server is ready

    i have left all my default receive connectors alone apart from the "default fronted" i clicked on accept "anonymous users"

    i can receive mail from my gmail on OWA but i cannot send from OWA

    i have been trying to figure this out and working on it for a week and it really annoying

    is there anyway i could get this to work without having to use a smart host to send my mails through?


  • what about if i port forward the source port 25 to nat to destination port 587 and redirect to my exchange server, will i then be able to send?

  • Do you have a business grade connection? Many providers are blocking smtp on consumer lines. It's worth calling your ISP to verify.

  • im going to call them tonight to find out as i defiantly cannot telnet to my smtp port 25

    maybe i need to add my ISP or google dns servers to my domain controller as forwarders?

  • @robina80:

    Set-SendConnector "Your SMTP Send Connector" -Port 587

    do you use a smart host? set-sendconenctor modifies the port of the destination - so instead of my.dest.mail.server:25 you get my.dest.mail.server:587, but you usually can't send emails without authentification with port 587

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