Lan1621 sis0/1 problem

  • FYI - When running pfSense full on a PC Chips V21G mainboard (VIA C7, similar to pc2500e) with a Soekris lan1621 card (Natsemi sis driver with 2 ports), the card and ports are recognized, but non-operable.

    I am able to assign addresses to sis0 and sis1, but only attain errors on tx. I switched out the card for an intel and it works fine. The same behavior is seen on both the LAN and WAN side.

    The onboard nic, a via rhine, works flawlessly.

    Also, the lan1621 ports are operable on the embedded version, but do not work with DHCP, as either a client or host.

    Seeing how obscure this scenario is, I'm not looking for an answer, but I figured I'd share my experience with the community. I'm going to try out the card on an intel little valley and see how that works. I believe that has an sis port on board.

    Nice work on RC5, I'm trying it out now with the intel card! :-)

  • Something is definitely funky with the lan1621 cards - I just tried it in a d201gly mainboard and it crashed on boot.  I took a picture of the crash, and then replaced the card with a davicom chipset based card and it booted fine.

    I have a couple of lan1621 cards so I'll try another, but if anyone else has one and can share with me that it works for them, I'd appreciate it.