Companies or corporations where it is installed pfsense - Safety Certification

  • Good afternoon.

    A potential client asked me to tell you that companies or corporations is installed pfSense. And if there is a safety certification on this platform. I've been searching and can not find enough this information. Any of you could tell me this information?

    As always, thanks for all the help !!!

  • What do you mean a "safety certification"?

    Generally speaking, we don't disclose specific customers. There are at least tens of thousands of companies out there with pfSense installed, from small single person operations, to multi-thousand device networks, and everything in between. Private companies, publicly traded companies, state, local and federal government in the US and abroad, it's a really long list.

  • Maybe he refers to Safe Harbor; Cisco certifies certain IOS (old) releases, or they used to anyway.

  • maybe something like CISA CISM CGEIT CRISC ?

  • Good afternoon

    Really I require the name of at least five or six corporations, and also if they have success stories to show .

    Again thanks for the help

  • He's looking for endorsements and case studies.  cmb said they don't disclose their customers, but you might get lucky checking Twitter for any #pfsense tags and then engaging with the sources:

  • I'll give you one example I went out and saw in the field last weekend. TOURtech, "the market leader in providing temporary network solutions for the events industry", runs all their Internet traffic at events through a HA pair of pfSense boxes. They do the networking for many large events. Last weekend, they invited me down to see their impressive setup at ACL Fest. It's a significant network across the site, with all their Internet traffic (payment processing and other mission-critical things to the event) running through a pair of our C2758 appliances.


    maybe something like CISA CISM CGEIT CRISC ?

    Those are certifications for people, not software.


    Maybe he refers to Safe Harbor; Cisco certifies certain IOS (old) releases, or they used to anyway.

    That's a QA thing of sorts, and maintaining old software for certain usage cases. Don't think that's really relevant here.