• Hi all,

    This question might have been asked already but I haven't find anything through the search option.

    We have recently set up multi-wan connection in my office and since then we are having some issues connecting to client site through the Cisco VPN clients. Neither Cisco VPN nor Anyconnect  will work untill we disconnect new Wan and go back to the old one.

    Rules on pfsense are mirrored on both Wans…

    Pfsense version is 2.1.5
    Cisco VPN uses IPSec/UDP connection
    Anyconnect uses 443->UDP

    I've contacted the ISP of the new Wan to find out whether they are blocking any ports or protocols but the answer was no.

    So my question is:  are there any additional options we need to set up on pfsense that we've missed out?

    We do have Traffic Shaper and Gateway groups already created and (I think) working.....

  • anyone?

  • All sorted….

    ....Gateway groups were messed up for some reason.