Dansguardian (Exception under sitelists not working)

  • Hello Guyz.
    I am using dansguardian + squid
    Till yesterday dansguardian was working fine.
    But now exception in ACLs > Site Lists is not working.
    If I add any website under exception in sitelists, its not whitelisted.
    Note: Exception is already enabled. Dont tell me to check the Enable box

  • A little more info… what changed on the box? Did you add any packages, change any config, do any upgrades, etc.?

  • Just installed snort. nothing else…

  • k… there's no logical reason that I can think of that exceptions would stop working if DG is working in general. Are you saying that DG is running fine, but it is not updating with any new exceptions that you add? If so... the only thing I can figure is that the UI is not updating the execptions list. The UI updates a text config file that resides in one of the DG directories and then it tells DG to re-read the config file. Did you check that the exceptions are being written to the text file in the DG directory (can't remember the name of the file off the top of my head)?

    Also, if it started when Snort was installed, a logical first thing to try would be to uninstall snort...

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