• When my cable providers DNS went down I added via "System: General Setup: DNS Servers".  The server shows up on the Status: Dashboard but it doesn't show up on the screen I entered it.  How can I get rid of it?  It also shows which I don't think was there before.  Can I get rid of that the same way?  I only want it to resolve off the DSN that comes from the cable modem.


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    System –> General Setup

    Specify your desired DNS

    Uncheck "Allow DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN"

  • Thanks for the quick reply.

    If I put in there (because it doesn't retain it) and select a gateway of none and then uncheck the box all I get for a DNS server is

    When I check the Allow DNS server list to be overridden then I get my 2 DNS servers from my provider but the comes back.

    Oh one other thing, the pfSense box is NOT supplying DHCP to my LAN side.  DHCP for the LAN comes from my router.  I know it's screwy.

    This is how it looks and I want to get rid of the google dns

    Is there a file I can edit through SSH?


  • I was able to get rid of the by checking "Do not use the DNS Forwarder as a DNS server for the firewall".

    However still shows up.  I wonder if Charter is sending it with their DHCP Lease.


  • Hi!

    Same here. I have in DNS Servers on Dashboard although its not configured in the General Setup page.

    Any suggestions how I can get rid of it?