Rule to assign all traffic based on ip address?

  • OK,
    I thought this one would be easy for me.  I want to send all the traffic from that goes through the WAN, to qCrashplan.

    So I created qCrashplan, basically a copy of qP2P, created a floating rule:

    Action: Match
    Quick: check
    Interface: WAN
    Direction: any
    TCP/IP: IPV4
    Protocol: TCP
    Source: single host:
    Ackqueue/Queue: <none>/qCrashplan


    Look at Status->queues, not traffick, it is still all going to normal.

    Reset firewall state: same thing.

    All of it is still going into the qDefault.  This makes me think that I didn't specify the traffic correctly?

    What did I do wrong?</none>

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Your rule is on WAN – NAT happens before firewall rules, including outbound NAT. The private IP you referenced is not visible in outbound WAN rules since it has been translated by the time the rule is processed.

    To match that you would need to do so inbound on the LAN interface and not outbound on WAN.

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