FTP+NAT: some ftp clients work, some don't

  • Without going into much details right away, perhaps someone has a clue why some ftp clients can connect to vsftpd server behind pfsense and some can't?

    OS X ftp enters extended passive mode and all is good.
    ncftp on all platforms

    windows builtin ftp disconnects after "quote epsv" command
    Centos/RHEL default ftp - returns "failed to establish connection" after "quote epsv" command

    dual WAN load balanced
    client connects to WAN1 IP address
    21 port forwarded to ftp server. according to sparse docs on the subject, with 2.x everything else happens automagically.

    vsftpd on debian with pasv mode enabled and port range specified.
    firewall off.


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    what version of windows..  epsv is extended passive.

    I would prob disable that on your server if you don't want clients using it.