PfSense 2.1.5 + A.D (NTLM) + Dansguardian problem

  • Hello everyone.

    I've followed this tutorial to authenticate A.D users into Dansguardian:

    I'm having two problems:

    1. I can't block any domain(website). The user logs in and access all the websites except porn websites (I didn't set up any rule for that). I created two ACLS: to block the website (It doesn't work) and an ACL to block a simple URL like (It works). So I can block URL's but I can't block a domain and I spent two days trying to figure out why but I couldn't.

    It doesn't matter the Site ACL, it gives TCP_MISS (I checked dansguardian's log). Is there some kind of bug?

    2. It keeps asking the username and password (On the browser), if I simply press ESC it works but after a while it asks again.


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