Weird behaviour - NAT

  • Something wierd is happening here and i cant find what could it be
    So im asking you for some help / advises

    I have squid package installed on my pfsense box
    i´ve made a rule at lan that says this all traffic from lan go to port 3328 (squid proxy port)

    Source->Lan Address
    Destination->Wan Address

    But before this rule i have two other rules that allow two ip's to bypass squid and get out to the internet without any proxy


    I guess its all ok and working, but here starts the wierd thing… when im using squid proxy i can open web pages in 1 or 2 seconds even new pages without any cache.
    But when im browsing without using the proxy ( web pages take like 15sec's do open, even if i try to ping some url it takes a while before start answering the ping again like 10 sec's

    Why this happens any one have a clue?


  • Can you be more specific on your setup?!

    Seems you have a loop somewhere on your config

  • Hi Eri–

    Thanks for your help

    My setup is quite simple
    I have my DSL Modem (not router) connected to Pfsense box, a 8 ports switch to a windows 2003 server which is domain controler (dns server + DHCP server) with exchange server.
    I have squid configured at my pfsense box with those rules above

    Do you have any clue?

  • I want your NAT, RDR and rules config :)

  • Ok m8

    Here it goes

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