• Good afternoon everyone !

    Ja looked in many places but could not find the solution anywhere !

    I have one in my environment pfSense version 2.1.5 release with two LINKS ;

    NEO VIA WAN ( 20 mb )

    WAN2 TELEFONICA ( 2mb )

    Performed the failover configuration , working perfectly nice , but configured in SYSTEM = > ROUTING

    for each WAN interface an ip monitor.

    When performing link exchange Wan ( NEOVIA ) for WAN2 ( telephone ) is prohibitively slow even the telephone link with 2 mb

    was not to be so slow almost unusable .

    However the Status tab = > Gateway realized that the RTT ( the WAN INTERFACE NEOVIA is 5.4ms , 6.3ms , 7,2ms ) varies very much goes like

    remains low , since the RTT (from the WAN2 of ( telephone interface is in 35.1ms , 40.2ms ) much higher compared to the WAN link NEOVIA

    I think probably this is the glaring problem of slow change when the WAN link NEOVIA for WAN2 Telefonica .

    I've looked but found nothing that helps me if someone could give me an aid ?

    thank you in advance …

  • Hello welcome to the forum!

    advise using the first forum in English …

    but come on, but could post their information confiurações DNS Failover and Failover your group and what method to change the link when the NEO VIA WAN stay out ...

    Could monitor using the Trigger Level option with the function of Packet Loss or Latency High ... remember to also change the route ..

    System: Gateways: Edit gateway go to Advanced Down and use a time of your choice 4 seconds for example.

    And to monitor the use of the Google DNS ...

    as my English is bad I used much of the google translator ..