How to configure multiple LAN-ports?

  • I have now for three years had a fully functional router that I recently have run with pfSense version 2.1.
    So far, I've only been using one WAN port and one LAN port, and as I said that have worked well so far but now I intend to make some small changes.
    My plan is to use one of the opt-ports as a "LAN2"-port.
    The reson is because I have plans to setup a FTP-server.

    The problems is that I have tried the whole weekend to make a proper setup but the router does not seems to work the way I want.

    Right now I have make a configuration that is using "re0" as the WAN-port, "nfe0" as the LAN-port and "rl1" (opt2) is the one I want to use as a connection to the FTP-server.
    Originaly my plan was to connect the FTP to the "msk0"-port but that one does not seems to work properly.

    The configuration (as I know) is identical at both the nfe0 (LAN) and the opt-ports, the only difference is the ip number as you can se at the image above.

    The setup for the LAN.

    In the LAN 192.168.8.x I can ping the router from the computers and I can ping the computers from the terminal in the router. And of course I can connect to the internet with all computers i this network.
    In the LAN3 (opt2) 192.168.10.x network I have tried to connect a laptop directly to the "rl1"-port. I can ping the laptop from the router terminal but I can not ping the router from the laptop…? But DHCP seems to work because the laptop have obtained an IP-adress.

    AND... I can also ping the laptop in the 192.168.10.x network from the 192.168.8.x network...?

    I'm still pretty much a beginner so the possibility that I have missed quite obvious things is quite big. :)

  • Can you double check all your firewall policies? Make sure the LAN3 (opt2) interface is set to permit ICMP, and other traffic for that matter. FTP could be getting knocked down too.

    Bottom line - is your issue you cannot get any internet access on that port?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    A default pass any any rule is automatically added to LAN when you set it up.  No such rules are automatically added to OPTx interfaces so all traffic from the subnet into pfSense is blocked by default.

  • Can you Telnet and/or SSH into the pfSense from that interface (opt2)? I'd like to know if you can establish a TCP connection. As you mentioned, you got a DHCP address which is UDP.

    I am still confused what the actual problem is. Is ICMP the only protocol that isn't working? Or, can you not establish an FTP session from one subnet to opt2's subnet?

  • Actually I am not sure about how to use that PUTTY software…  ???
    I am looking where to change the default settings for the OPT-ports right now.
    I am also looking where to make the ICMP-settings.

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