Quagga OSPF not exchanging routes

  • Hello, everyone!

    I am new to pfsense (literally a day) and I think it has some really great functionality. I was attempting to setup a virtual lab with VMWare Fusion and it has been going very well so far. The only issue I have come across is I can't get my 2x pfsense VM's to exchange routes. This is going to be a little confusing because of the virtualization layer, but here is what my logical topology looks like. I am SO sorry this is drawn in paint… I recently uninstalled Visio.

    Red = Routers
    Green = Router "WAN" Interfaces (em0)
    Blue = Router "LAN" Interfaces (em1)
    Purple = the hosts with statically assigned IP Addresses

    All I did was create 2x Ubuntu VM's and gave them static IP addresses with their default gateways pointed at their respective router LAN interfaces.

    Now, I believe all my virtual interfaces are connected to the same virtual switch (of course, VMWare Fusion doesn't give you any vSwitch options…) which, in turn, all share one single physical interface. I don't know if this has effect on the configuration or not, but AFAIK it shouldn't…

    Additionally, this is all running on a NATed LAN so both of my pfsense routers have a gateway address of Don't know if this matters or not, but once again, AFAIK it shouldn't.

    Naturally, I have installed the Guagga OSPF daemon on both routers and verified it is running. I have set the Area on both routers to and set "WAN" and "LAN" as the assigned interfaces.

    The routers can ping each other
    The hosts can ping their respective gateway addresses.
    No OSPF routes are being added.

    Any ideas?

    EDIT: Also, I should mentioned I am CCNA R&S and CCNA DC certified so I am very familiar with configuring OSPF in Cisco's world.

    EDIT EDIT: Got it! Always remember to check your firewall rules, kids. Pfsense has a firewall rule specific to allowing OSPF traffic on the WAN interface. Once this was set, adjacency was formed and routes showed in the OSPF database.

  • Hi,

    Does the routers show any information on Quagga OSPF Neighbors?

  • Please, post the Quagga OSPF Interfaces screen shot.

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