Syslog-ng Unable to get ftp://ftp… file not found.

  • Try auto install syslog-ng by webconfigure install system,install ok ,but when syslog-ng enable on(webconfigure) , error message emerge and it do'nt run. then i try manual install with reference , use shell type

    pkg_add -r syslog-ng

    but error showed(refer to Subject) , don't go next stage. How to resolve this problem?
    Best regards.

  • Thanks , I'll try it.

  • I've try it by URL reference , and success install manually syslog-ng. but in turn , pfsense do'nt start so i install overwrite on my machine.Then Such as the following message appeared.

    so i try to reformat my SSD Drive , but for some reason , format bootable cd/usb device dose'nt start…usually it run without problem.Using tool is Gparted , wipeout on USB/CD drive.I'm waiting for reply.thanks alot.

  • Netgate Administrator

    This looks unrelated to the package install problem unless maybe it installed lots of dependencies, did it?
    What was the exact  url you used to install syslog-ng?


  • Thanks for reply but i noticed too late…

    From above written problem get up , passed many months so i forgot where url used.
    but certainly like url .

    and install problem also many months go over ... but it natulally solved that it was caused from M/B's CPU (Celeron J1900),so resulting in i select custum install and disable multi cpu mode , it run good.

    For now , I'll again this set of download and install , As soon as the end and it occurred , I'll write url previous i used.

    Even in awkward sentences, Thank you for reading

  • For some reason , i try package install from , Folloing directory and syslo-ng install safely , to not occur pfsense crashe and stopping.

    For appropriate advice , finnaly replace my router to PFSense box. Thanks for all reply.
    Will ask if that also do not know.Best regards.

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