Pfsense 2.1.5 haproxy-devel install issue + fix

  • Currently I have pfsene 2.1.5 with the following base packages installed:

    OpenVPN export utility

    I am trying to setup a haproxy-devel package to do SSL termination. What I am running into as an issue is that when I install the haproxy-devel package it goes through the first download/ decompress setps. Then it hangs here:

    Loading package instructions...
    Custom commands...
    Executing custom_php_install_command()...HAProxy, running haproxy_custom_php_install_command()
    HAProxy, conf_mount_rw
    HAProxy, create '/usr/local/etc/rc.d/'
    HAProxy, update configuration

    And the package installer just hangs at that point. If I open a new window and go to the packages screen, it says that haproxy is installed. When I look for it in the menu, there is nothing. I saw this thread and decided to give it a try ( )

    How I "fixed":
    1. Went to backup/ restore
    2. Downloaded config
    3. Opened up the XML in notepad++ and removed the two haproxy package sections (one looked like a package and one a config part)
    4. Saved XML
    5. Restore config from the edited XML
    6. I confirmed the package was not installed
    7. Then I could install the package without issue

    I hope this helps someone else. It is not a real fix but gets things working again.

  • Would you still happen to have the 'broken' config backup.?

    Could you possibly send me the contents of those 2 haproxy sections? I would really like to 'fix' this issue rather than have people need to 'workaround' it, but have not been able to reproduce it..

  • Sending you a pm.

  • Hi pjkenned,


    I never thought a config that small (basically nothing configured yet, no frontends / no backends) would cause such a big problem (php process 'crashes' in the background).. Even though while when haproxy configuration is completely absent there apparently is no problem..

    Send a pull-request to fix this issue. It will probably get pulled later today.

    Thanks for reporting the issue & providing the info required to fix it.

    Kind regards PiBa-NL

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