Mistake about build ISO pfsense

  • Hi all…!

    i have problem with build iso pfsense RELENG_2_2 on FreeBSD 10.1

    i perform to ./build iso but have a problem as follows

    >>> Installing BSDInstaller: 
    >>> Using FreeBSD 10 BSDInstaller dfuibelua structure.
    >>> Checking BSDInstaller health... dfuife_curses missing >>> ERROR: 

    Problem is dfuife_curses, please help me fix it…!

    Thanks for read...!

  • This is due to bsdinstaller never gets installed..

    I made a quick fix and sent a pull request to pfsense git..

    For the time being u can simply use the fork on our github by setting the GIT_REPO_BSDINSTALLER var in pfsense-build.conf to git://github.com/Key4ce/bsdinstaller.git .

  • Hi Key4ce_angelo…! Sorry about delay 1 week...!

    With help of you, i success build iso...!

    Thanks you very so much...! ;)

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