Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode

  • Hi!

    I am using PFSense for about 6 months now as Firewall and Router for different wireless LANs. Works fine so far.
    Here is my setup:
    PFSense is installed in an virtual machine hosted on VMWare ESX 5.1. There are two ESX machines running in a cluster. PFSense is on a shared storage to make it HA.

    PFSense itself is running Release 2.1.5 now. I think since the last update (but cannot say for sure) the machine stops from time to time with exact the same error. "Fatal trap12: page fault while in kernel mode"
    Please see attachment for details.

    I searched the forum and found several users having the same error. But all of them have it during bootup. No one has a problem like me.

    Would be nice if someone could give me advice where to start searching. I have to say I am not that good at Linux, but willing to become so ;)
    Is there a possibility to go back to a previous release just to assure it has to do something with the update?
    I read about the "switch slice" button in the NanoBSD area. Is that what I need?

    thx for your help in advance

  • remove the virtual CD-drive… it has fixed this exact problem on a couple of my virtual boxes

    it's a known issue for freebsd 8.x on esxi

  • Hi heper,

    many thanks for your reply!
    Removed the cd-drive from VM settings. Will see if it crashes again.

  • Hi again,

    just want to let you know the result off removing the CD-drive. Seems to be the cause of the problem. PFSense is running stable since the change (about 2 weeks ago).
    I'll let you know if it changes.

    Many thx for your help, heper!!!

  • that's what we are here for ;)