Install drivers…?

  • I've search for "install drivers", "load drivers", and even "drivers"… but nothing...

    Can someone help me and explain how to install drivers on pfsense...?

    I'm running 1.2-RC4


  • What kind of 'drivers' do you want to install and what for?
    Chris-tal ball broken ATM

  • It's for a wireless card…

  • If you want a standard FreeBSD driver that is not included in pfSense check out the FreeBSD man page. It usually involves copying a .ko file to /boot/kernel and adding a line to your loader.conf to load the driver. If it's a third party FreeBSD driver, then use their documentation.
    The reason you're not finding much is that it's a good idea to use supported hardware, trying to hack in unsupported/NDIS drivers takes a lot of work and generally ends poorly.

  • Cool…got it working!

  • You're really talking mystically.

    What did you get working (mf'rer, type) and how did you do it.
    THAT knowledge could help others.

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