Traffic on VPN or gateway ??

  • Hi all,

    I use the latest version of PFSense and I have a problem with a site -to-site VPN.
    As we can see in the first picture my VPN is mounted.

    However, when I try to reach the remote network I have no traffic on my VPN as shown in the second picture.

    Yet in the logs we can see that the traffic is not blocked by the FW as the following picture :

    VPN is up when I try to access to the remote network . However I wonder if the packets are routed to the VPN and not to the gateway…

    Can someone tell me how I can make sure that the packets are sent to the VPN

    thank you very much

  • I would add that I have put the rules in the FW for the VPN but there are only log on the LAN interface and not on the IPSec interface

  • my problem is solved.

    The problem was the opening of the ports on the FW for the ESTABLISHMENT VPN . Port 500 and 4500 was open for the VPN but other port were necessary so the traffic did not pass but the VPN was seen as up .

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