Passing Email ports through my second gateway

  • Hi im new here…i just installed pfsense and connected two wan networks (WAN1 & WAN2)...Now i want to pass my all Email ports (SMTP,POP,IMAP) from WAN1 Gateway and all other from WAN2 Gateway..Can anyone help me with Stuck here , Port Alias is not working on firewall Rules..It dsnt Autofill.. I dont know what to do  :) I have attached two files of some basic configs i did

  • Depending on how your mail server works, you might need to create a NAT Port Forward rule which will automatically create a firewall rule as well.

    Firewall, NAT, Port Forward tab, Add new Rule for each WAN interface and variation not covered in a (port) range.

    Interface, WAN1 or WAN2
    Protocol, TCP,
    Destination WAN ADDRESS
    Destination Port Range SMTP, IMAP etc.
    Redirect Target IP IP Address of your mail server.
    Redirect Target Port 25, 993 etc.

    Once you have done that, look in the FW rules and you should see a newly created rule in there for you as well.


  • Hi Firewalluser thank you for your reply..much appreciated..I will try that for sure :)

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