Adding DHCP Static Mapping redirects you to the wrong page

    1. Go to Status > DHCP Leases (status_dhcp_leases.php)
    2. Click the + button to add a static mapping
    3. This takes you to "services_dhcp_edit.php"
    4. Configure the static mapping and click Save
    5. This takes you to services_dhcp.php (Server > DHCP Server)

    What if I want to add many static mappings?  I have to navigate back to the status_dhcp_leases.php page manually to get back to where I was so I can add more static mappings.

    I think that after adding a static mapping, it should take me back to the status_dhcp_leases.php page automatically instead of the services_dhcp.php page, especially if that's where I was to start with.  I should also be apply to "Apply Changes" from the status_dhcp_leases.php page to apply the new static mappings.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The redirect does what it's supposed to do – It returns you to the page listing the settings for that interface. It isn't meant to return you to where you came from originally. I suppose it could, but it would require a bit of extra logic to accomplish. Probably not something we'd do ourselves, but if someone submitted a patch/pull request it might be considered.

    The static leases will not be moved away from the DHCP server settings. The leases view is a common view for all interfaces. The static mappings are a per-interface setting and not a global setting. It does not make sense to move them.

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